10 Books Trending On TikTok That Want To Be Tailored Into Motion pictures

TikTok is for most an app that teenagers and social media stars use to create dance trends, create lip syncs, and share simple recipes. However, the small community called BookTok has made room in the app where they can share their favorite novels with other users.

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These stories are unique and compelling page-turner that most fans would agree with make amazing movies. From murder and romance to coming-of-age stories, these books would have fans hit theaters if they were adapted for the big screen.

10 We were liars

Shared picture with E. Lockhart and the cover of her book We Were Liars

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart tells the story of the Sinclair family’s summer trips to their own private island. While everything seems perfect at first, secrets are soon revealed and have to be confronted by the novel’s narrator, Cadence Sinclair.

The novel was published in 2014 but grew in popularity on TikTok because of its twists and turns and quick reading. With films like The Woman In The Window and Gone Girl with similar tones and themes, this book would undoubtedly thrive as a film.

9 Red, White & Royal Blue

Shared picture of Casey McQuiston and her book Rey.  White and Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue is the romantic comedy that everyone needs right now. It focuses on the unlikely romance between first son Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry of Wales. It’s an “enemies for lovers” story that fans couldn’t get enough of.

Since the British royal family was the focus of the media after the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan, a film adaptation of this book would fit perfectly into today’s pop culture. It also has an LGBTQ + couple at the center of the story, which in terms of portrayal would be a welcome addition to the romantic comedy movie space.

8th People we meet on vacation

Split image of Emily Henry and her book People We Meet on Vacation

Romantic comedies about enemies-to-lovers are a staple on BookTok, but people we meet on vacation is different. It’s a classic romantic comedy centered around two friends who become lovers over the course of 12 years. His story is a welcome relief from reality and fans can’t help but feel dizzy after reading it.

The story in which the main characters Poppy and Alex fall in love is reminiscent of the classic film When Harry Met Sally. It’s a light-hearted but beautiful story that would be perfect for an amazing and popular movie.

7th Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

Shared image, the Benjamin Alire Sáenz and his book Aristotle and Dante.  shows

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe is a beautiful and unique coming-of-age story. Ari and Dante are two teenagers who face the struggles of their own lives that bring them closer together in El Paso, Texas.

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This story is a positive portrayal of the LGBTQ + and Hispanic community and would love to be viewed as a movie. It’s a touching story that is relatable and lovable and, if adapted, would certainly become a coming-of-age classic.

6th It ends with us

Shared picture with Colleen Hoover and her book It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us is a multi-layered story that explores the struggles associated with an abusive relationship. It tells the heartbreaking story of Lily Bloom, who falls in love after pursuing her dreams but realizes that the man she loves is bad for her. Fans of the novel on TikTok take in themselves upon exiting the last page and the uncontrolled sobbing that comes with it.

Justin Baldoni and his production company selected the novel back in 2019. He spoke to Variety about how a script was being worked on and that since the novel is so popular, it needs an adaptation that does justice to the writing of author Colleen Hoover. Fans can only hope to see this story on the big screen sooner rather than later.

5 Of blood and ashes

Shared picture with Jennifer L-Armentrout and her book From Blood and Ash

From Blood and Ash is the first installment in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s fantasy romance series. Fans of the novel on TikTok fell so in love with the characters that they even crave fan art of primary love interests. The length of the novel and the planned six books in the series aren’t even intimidating for fans because the story is just that good.

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The world structure of the novel and the combination of romance and fantasy compete with that of Game Of Thrones. Fans believe it would be an amazing movie adaptation and the start of a new franchise that everyone would love to bring to life.

4th The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Shared image showing VE Schwabb and her book The Invisble Life of Addie Larue

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a truly unique and compelling novel. Addie LaRue was granted immortality, but she was cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. After living for over 300 years, her whole world changes when a young man remembers her name.

It’s a lovely story with romance, but the main focus is on Addie LaRue looking for meaning in her life. Fans share that it would be a great movie to see Addie LaRue over the years, forgotten and then finally remembered. This story as a movie would definitely make viewers think about what’s most important in their own life.

3rd These violent joys

Image shared with the cover of These Violent Delights and its author Chloe Gong

This Violent Delights is a rework of Romeo and Juliet set in Shanghai in the 1920s. It was one of the best Barnes and Noble books of 2020 and an instant New York Times bestseller. The praise and awards are justified because the novel takes a classic story and turns it into a new, exciting and gripping story.

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As a film, this book would be impeccable. The intense action throughout the story, coupled with the classic love story of forbidden love, would make it a must-see film for all viewers who fans absolutely want to see on the big screen.

2 The song of Achilles

Shared picture with Madeline Miller and her book The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles was one of the most enduring novels trending on TikTok. It’s a feature in countless books and recommendations for good reason. It’s a new take on Homer’s classic The Illiad that adds action, romance, and LGBTQ + performance.

While modern iterations of Homer’s work eschew the implied gay relationships during this time, writer Madeline Miller makes it the top of the novel. It would be a breathtaking film with the backdrop of Ancient Greece and one that would stand out from previous Homer films like Troy.

1 Evelyn Hugo’s seven husbands

Shared image showing Taylor Jenkins Reid and her book, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Evelyn Hugo is a character who feels so real to readers that some doubt she wasn’t an underrated and lesser-known actress from old Hollywood. As she narrates her life throughout the novel, readers feel connected to her and sympathize with her story. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was supposed to be a series on Freeform, but never got out of the development phase.

This novel is filled with Hollywood glamor, forbidden romance, and many twists and turns. As a movie, it would be a heartbreaking story to see in theaters. Viewers watching Evelyn’s life as a classic Hollywood actress on screen would add even more meaning to the story itself.

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