Zuckerberg Stated Fb Will Ultimately Change into ‘A Metaverse Firm’

  • Mark Zuckerberg told The Verge that Facebook will eventually become a “metaverse company”.
  • Zuckerberg told employees that Facebook will focus more on building the successor to the Internet.
  • Take a look at the futuristic plans of the social network, from “infinite offices” to egalitarian societies.

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At the end of June, Mark Zuckerberg informed Facebook employees that the social network would embark on an ambitious mission to the center of the metaverse.

While the directive sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, the announcement has serious implications for the future – and it could get closer to reality than you think.

The metaverse essentially represents a three-dimensional internet that encompasses both the physical and the virtual world. Lots of people use it in relation to video games or virtual reality, and most tech companies believe that it’s the next big thing that will eventually replace the internet.

Zuckerberg told The Verge’s Casey Newton that Facebook will evolve from a social media company to a “metaverse company,” adding that people are not meant to interact through “small, glowing rectangles.”

A Facebook spokesperson told Insider that Zuckerberg doesn’t believe the Metaverse is something a company can build or manage on its own – rather, it’s a collaborative movement that developers and creator communities must consider in order to be successful.

The bold initiative to expand Facebook beyond its current limits comes as the U.S. government takes serious steps to regulate big tech.

The recent introduction of five bipartisan antitrust laws could threaten Facebook’s ownership of Instagram and WhatsApp and limit future company acquisitions. Zuckerberg and other technology leaders have also called for regulation of the industry.

Facebook has already invested a lot in virtual reality, “because it is technology that provides the clearest form of presence,” according to Zuckerberg’s interview with The Verge.

Facebook Horizon, a virtual reality community currently only accessible by invitation, appears to be the company’s closest offering to the Metaverse. The “social experience” offered on Oculus promotes the ability to “defy distance” and “explore virtual worlds as they grow and change”.

The possibility for people to be exposed to opportunities beyond their physical circumstances is particularly important to Zuckerberg, who complained that he had no more contact with computers as a child.

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The CEO said the company is developing what is known as an “infinite office” that will allow users to set up their ideal workspace through a VR headset, no matter where they are.

“Flattening the distance creates a lot more opportunity for people,” he told The Verge. “In a way that creates a lot of economic opportunity, where millions of people around the world can do creative work that they really enjoy.”

Zuckerberg added that the global shift to work practically increases the value of the metaverse. “In five to ten years, about half of the company will likely be remote,” he said of Facebook employees. “Now let’s double that up and hire people in all these different places.”

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