Zoom, Peacock, and TikTok take the highest spots because the fastest-growing br

Another list for the end of 2020 for all of you. This time the list is from Morning Consult. The company just released its annual list of Fastest Growing Brands, known as the “Final Measure of Brand Growth for Both Emerging and Established Brands,” showing a wide range of companies and products showing their appeal and awareness to the Consumers have increased in 2020. ”

For this year’s list, the top spot was claimed by Zoom. You don’t have to guess why, do you? Surprisingly, NBCUniversal’s young streaming service took second place. The third-place brand was less surprising: TikTok.

According to Morning Consult, all brands on this year’s list were shaped by changed consumer behavior as a result of the pandemic: “Just about every brand that occupies a spot on the list of fastest growing brands has a significant relationship with pandemic-related behavior, from home entertainment to cleaning products to pharmaceutical companies.”

Morning Consult’s top 10 fastest growing brands in 2020 are:

  1. Zooming
  2. peacock
  3. Tick ​​tock
  4. Instacart
  5. With the Dash
  6. HBO max
  7. Whatsapp
  8. Microsoft teams
  9. T mobile
  10. Pfizer

The full list of brands can be found here.

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