Woolworths grocery store shopper’s unbelievable rest room paper act shared in new TikTok amid COVID

A Woolworths buyer shared her incredible act in the toilet paper aisle in a new TikTok video.

The footage shows the TikTok user standing next to a long stretch of empty shelves that appear to have been stripped by panic buyers in response to the growing COVID crisis in Australia.

Check out the buyer’s shocking act in the video above

In the middle of the Woolworths aisle is a pallet of toilet paper, which is in high demand in many stores across Australia.

The TikTok user can then be seen running up and jumping on the pallet, destroying some packages and blowing up others.

The footage shows the shopper and her friends dancing and smiling after the stunt.

The TikTok user can be seen walking onto the pallet with toilet paper. Image Credit: TikTok

Some TikTok users criticized the purchaser’s actions and criticized her actions as toilet paper “is like gold in Sydney”.

“She has to be thrown out of the store,” said one.

“Pathetic,” added another

A third wrote: “Do you feel cool now?”

The TikTok user jumps onto the pallet with new toilet paper packages.The TikTok user jumps onto the pallet with new toilet paper packages. Image Credit: TikTok

Another said: “What’s funny here?”

Meanwhile, other TikTok users found the video amusing – despite the backlash.

Woolworths answers

A Woolworths spokesman has told 7NEWS.com.au that the supermarket is investigating the incident.

“We became aware of a video on social media that appears to be in one of our stores,” said the spokesman.

“We are currently examining the circumstances associated with this.”

The new TikTok video comes as supermarkets in parts of Australia have been flooded with panic buyers.

On Saturday, social media images showed chaotic scenes at Woolworth’s and Coles’ stores in Sydney and Wollongong in response to the NSW government’s two-week lockdown announcement.

The TikTok user damaged the The TikTok user damaged packages of toilet paper in the “pathetic” stunt. Image Credit: TikTok

Many shelves have been stripped of essential items, including toilet paper.

“Looks like panic buying to me. Does the virus just know not to go near grocery stores? ”One person wrote.

Meanwhile, shoppers in Darwin were also rushing to supermarkets and bottle stores to stock up on the Northern Territory’s 48-hour lockdown.

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