Why This Suburban Dad Is Unexpectedly Going Viral on TikTok – NBC Chicago

What began as a era of father-daughter bonding now has a suburban Chicago dad going viral on TikTok with millions of views.

Darryl Posetelnik said he had never been on social media, but after repeated requests to do a TikTok video with his daughter, the Algonquin dad decided to try it out.

“In order to [my daughter] Lindsey said we should do our own cooking show and I said, “No, no, I’m not on social media” and then she said, “Well, I just thought it was something you and I could do together and then I say, “OK,” he told NBC’s Chicago Today, “So we did one.”

The first video, he said, initially received about nine views, mostly from his daughter’s friends.

But then something happened.

“The second happened to be chili,” he said. “And this one, due to a lot of mistakes of mine, just having fun, ended with almost five million views, and that’s where it all started.”

Since then, Posetelnik, known as @cookingwithdarryl, has produced several Tik Tok cooking videos, from Brussels sprouts to ribeyes to halibut. The videos have each received thousands, sometimes millions, of views as Posetelnik becomes an unexpected sensation on the platform.

It even has a slogan.

At the end of each video Posetelnik tries his food and says, “Are you kidding me?”

Check out his Smash Burger recipe here, which has already had over 5.5 million views from TikTok.

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