Why telling clients to purchase fewer garments was a stunning win for this style model

Asket was founded in 2015 and is based in Stockholm. Its mission, paradoxically, is to reduce wardrobes and ultimately end what they see as the era of fast-paced consumption.

Ascetic orientates itself on what they call “striving for less”: inviting customers to buy less high-quality clothing. His pieces are durable in terms of both materials and style.

The label offers a range of essential clothing items for men – a permanent collection of carefully crafted, timeless clothing items that are designed to last.

Timeless style

Traditionally, Asket’s Facebook advertising has mainly focused on its products.

In collaboration with Facebook’s Creative Shop and production house Coffee and TV, they wanted to test whether ads that highlight the company’s values ​​could do even better than ads that highlight product quality.

For this purpose, the team set up three creatives who were shown to a “similar” audience of former customers of men aged 18 to 65 in Germany.

These vertical video and cell phone ads focused on three main pillars: ethos, full garment traceability, and timeless fashion.

The “Timeless Fashion” motif showed the enduring appeal of Asket’s sweaters and explained how his pieces are based on timeless fashion that is designed to withstand other fashion trends.

The motif “traceability” told the story of Askets pullovers, whose wool comes from the family-run farms Rothamay and Terrara in Australia. Both are Nativa certified farms with an emphasis on animal welfare, good land management and conservation of biodiversity.

The third motif, “Ethos of Transparency”, focused on supply chain traceability and shared the complex processes involved in making garments.

The ad showed the resources and craftsmanship that goes into each garment, highlighting not only its quality, but the importance of best practice and accountability in the supply chain.

A fourth motif, based on Asket’s usual marketing, focused on the brand’s merino sweater and highlighted the features of the product.

Each of the ads had a “Shop Now” button that linked to the corresponding product page on the Asket website.

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