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According to a report by influencer marketing firm Traackr, consumers are increasingly engaging with fragrances on social media.

According to the company’s State of Influence report, which analyzed mentions and engagements from more than 41,000 influencers from 2019 to 2020, the fragrance, which is notoriously difficult to market online, caught the interest of influencers, and the posts on TikTok have increased 449 percent. Consumers associate this with increased engagement, which grew 1,065 percent.

Pierre-Loïc Assayag, co-founder and CEO of Traackr, said the category was aligned with other segments and overarching behavioral trends. “A lot of creativity has gone into talking about how you feel about products, not the products themselves,” he said. “This is a trend that can go well beyond fragrance.”

Gesturing on other resonant communications, such as posts about Black Lives Matter (which have grown 10,069 percent in 2020) or body positivity (which grew 345 percent), Assayag said that engaging content doesn’t have to be product-centric to drive sales.

“For example, many socially and politically related topics are not of a visual nature. We shouldn’t feel bound or constrained having to show a product online in order to get the sale picked up or people interested. It’s the story behind it that has to be compelling, ”he said. For example, user interaction with Black Lives Matter posts has increased 36,198 percent.

Some brands in different categories weren’t quick enough to make the move to social marketing or e-commerce, Assayag said. “Before 2020, I would describe the introduction of influencer marketing as grayscale. Now there is a big gap between the brands. There’s a gap between brands that have doubled down on influencer marketing and stepped up their efforts, and the others that are not far enough on the adoption curve have taken a big step back. It was a crucial year, ”he said.

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