Why does Gen Z wish to cancel Eminem? TikTok drama defined

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Eminem was the latest target of Gen Z’s demolition culture. The trend that started at TikTok has puzzled many, and here’s all the drama of the rapper’s cancellation.

Celebrities have long been a target of the abandonment culture. This time Eminem had problems with the lyrics of a song he had written years ago. However, his fans defended him on Twitter after claiming that “Gen Z” targeted the rapper for no apparent reason.

Why is Gen Z trying to cancel Eminem?

Eminem has written a number of hits. The one who caught Gen Z’s attention was “love the way you lie”. The lyrics of the song had some believe it was problematic.

“If she ever tries to go again
I’m ma, tie her to the bed and set fire to this house. “

These texts sparked the Eminem trend towards abandonment. A TikTok user pointed out these texts in one of his posts and talked about canceling the rapper. Several people have since shared their thoughts. Some thought it should be canceled while others defended.

Twitter responds to Eminem being canceled

After TikTok canceled the Eminem trend, people came on Twitter to defend the rapper. Some found the reason for his cancellation strange. “I’m watching the culture break off because Eminem was following …” one comment read.

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Gen Z really trying to cancel Eminem? Stop. You don’t know what you’re getting into.

– swizzy (@EJSwank) March 1, 2021

Another added: “Gen Z are really trying to cancel Eminem? Stop. You don’t know what you’re getting into. “” I dare to try Gen Z to break off Eminem. I’ve finished the popcorn, ”read another comment.

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