When Make-up On Lovecraft Nation Went Too Far, Then Went TikTok Viral

Kelli Amirah | is an actor and artist based in New York who watched a TikTok of hers go viral this weekend, generating 7.7 million views. She originally embroidered a video request to tell her craziest story as a supporting or background actress in a television or film production, with the story of working on Lovecraft Country. One that she asked not to be canceled for.

One of the last extra jobs Amirah worked before moving to New York, Georgia, was playing a younger version of a character for a wedding photo to appear on a show – later known as the HBO show Lovecraft Country. It was a historic piece for the 1930s in wedding dress, and she found herself with her own trailer, wanting to make up with the main cast rather than the usual extra experience.

If makeup went too far on Lovecraft Country, then TikTok went viralKelli Amirah TikTok Screencap

Kelli Amirah relates how the make-up artists at Lovecraft Country talked to each other about her, that she was “a little lighter” than the actress, how she should look, even though her bone structure was the same. And that their foundation was “getting darker and darker”. She didn’t feel like she could say something, “I have no clout, no pull, no nothing”.

Lovecraft LandKelli Amirah TikTok Screencap

And Amirah shares some recordings of the results: “I felt so uncomfortable, I had no idea they were going to do this to me, and if I had known beforehand, I would not have accepted the job.”

Lovecraft LandKelli Amirah TikTok Screencap

And so Kelli Amirah appeared on Lovecraft Country.

Lovecraft LandKelli Amirah TikTok Screencap

And what Amirah should look like in Lovecraft Country.

Lovecraft LandKelli Amirah TikTok Screencap

Amirah also confirmed that right after filming the Lovecraft country shoot, she was given scarves to remove everything before she was brought home. Since her TikTok was blown up, she’s also had less controversial experiences with Black Lightning or Vampire Diaries and let others know how to be extras or background actors too. It’s very likely that she’ll find a new job or two as a result of this exposure as well. Although I assume that the make-up artists are a little less complicated this time.

It’s also not the only time she has gone viral, as a series of tweets about her experience with an Uber driver four years ago was similar and made a lot of headlines. Perhaps this story can lead to the others getting banned from Google searches …

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