What’s the Might 2nd development on TikTok? Movies explored

If you chose TikTok, you would have noticed several videos talking about May 2nd. Here’s a look at what this trend is all about, and why people are using images of Hanako-kun (TBHK) attached to the toilet..

Over the years, several trends have taken over TikTok. Recently, people came across several videos talking about May 2nd. The videos had convinced everyone that something would happen on May 2nd. However, some seemed confused as not much information was available. Here’s a look at what the trend is all about.

May 2nd TikTok trend explored

If you’ve come across a video talking about May 2nd, you’re not the only one. In the past week, several videos with Hanako-Kun’s Hanako image were trending on TikTok.

The picture often shows May 2nd. Unfortunately, users don’t give a lot of information to viewers to understand what is happening on May 2nd. To make things creepier, these videos are often accompanied by scary music in the background.

Several users have complained that the sound made them choppy. It does this by using a black and white image of Hanako to give the video a creepier look.

So far, the May 2nd hashtag has had over 2.1 million views. As you scroll through them, you’ll find that most of them have a picture of Hanako or a character from the same show.

What is the May 2nd TikTok trend all about?

The May 2nd trend is in no way harmful and is only used by toilet-based Hanako-kun fans. In short, the only thing that can happen on May 2nd is toilet-based Hanako-kun fans trying to take over TikTok by posting multiple videos from the anime.

In fact, some of the users who shared Hanako’s scary video on their site also apologized to the viewers for freaking them out with the scary music. Meanwhile, some added that they would add a trigger warning to make sure people get notified before they watch the creepy video.

It is currently unclear how this trend began. However, this trend is in no way harmful and was started by the toilet-based fans of Hanako-kun.

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