What’s the ‘I’m Getting Ripped Tonight’ Meme? Viral TikTok pattern defined!

The phrase “I’m getting fooled tonight” is taking over social media right now, but where does it come from? And what does that mean?

As you scroll through social media right now, there is one thing that repeats … “I’m getting torn up tonight, RIP that p **** ayyy”.

The sound is EVERYWHERE right now and is fast becoming one of the most popular memes of May, but what is it actually?

If you’re a little confused, here is everything you need to know about the “I’m Getting Torn Up Tonight” meme.

Photo by Rasit Aydogan / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s from a Doja Cat song

Let’s start over.

The quote “I’m getting torn tonight” actually comes from a song by Doja Cat and Starboi3. It’s called D * ck and, as you can imagine, it’s pretty explicit.

“I’m getting torn tonight” is a line Doja sings just after the chorus.

If you want to listen to the x-rated track, you can do so here.

Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for RCA

The track became a TikTok trend

D * ck was released in April 2021 and like any other Doja Cat song it quickly became a TikTok dance trend.

The trend is to flex your biceps in front of the RIP sign and place your hands behind your back.

In the background plays the popular line “I’m being torn up tonight, RIP that p **** ayyy”.

However, the trend then took off and people added their own quotes after the word “RIP”.

Now it’s taking over social media

The trend quickly took over TikTok and began to expand to other platforms as well.

Now it’s gone viral on Twitter, with everyone quoting the song in their tweets.

Now you know the story of the “I’m getting torn up tonight” meme. Head over to TikTok and find some fun videos from the trend!

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