What’s the “ice in my veins” pose on TikTok? Complicated problem goes viral

Every day the simplest and most bizarre things can become a new TikTok trend. The latest trend to adopt the app is for people to usually point their index and middle fingers at their arm – and this is apparently based on the “ice in my veins” pose.

A popular format that has been spreading among TikTokers lately is for them to point two fingers at their inner arm as if taking their pulse. This pose is often accompanied by a text that contains information about the TikToker. At first glance, this pose doesn’t make a lot of sense, but NBA fans may find that it’s pretty familiar.

What does the “ice in my veins” pose mean on TikTok?

The arm gesture known as the “ice in my veins” pose comes from a popular term used in sports. For professional athletes like NBA players, the term means that they are “cold blooded” and feel cool under pressure during the final minutes of a sports game that might make or break the game. The pose associated with the term was popularized by D’Angleo Russell, a Los Angeles Lakers player, who after reaching Clutch Games began to refer to the “ice in his veins” as a solemn pose.

After making it more mainstream, the pose gained prominence on social media and spread much more widely.

So the pulse checking pose is no coincidence: at TikTok – it is clearly inspired by Russell’s victory pose, but has been given a new meaning. Rather than referring to the pressured final moments of a basketball game, pointing to the “ice in your veins” on TikTok means someone is telling the truth and expressing their true nature.


Story of my life #fyp

♬ Hayloft – mother mother

Given that information about TikToker is usually accompanied by this pose, the revised meaning behind it makes sense – the pose is just meant to reinforce the fact that the text in their video describes their true nature and what they say is true. The gesture is mainly used in the context of the TikTok challenge “It started with a” Hey “”.

What is the “It started with a hey” challenge?

The “It started with a” hey “challenge is used to compare two people with completely opposite personalities, with the second person in the video usually doing the arm gesture to verify that what they are saying is true and that she “I am referring to her” real self “.

The challenge is usually accompanied by Mother Mother’s 2008 song “Hayloft”.

@ Macelneser


♬ Hayloft – mother mother

A viral example of the challenge in action was posted by TikTok user ‘macelneser’. The video, which garnered 7.3 million views, begins with Macelnesar describing himself as a pushover before showing viewers her best friend, who is described during the arm gesture as someone who “literally kills everyone”.

It’s unclear how TikTokers made the leap from a solemn sports pose to a universal symbol of truth-finding with this challenge, but at least we now know what that means!

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