What’s the Grownup Swim development on TikTok? Customers create their very own bumper!

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The adult swimming trend is going viral on TikTok as users create their own bumpers or bumps! Here’s a look at what exactly this trend is!

TikTok is popular for several viral trends that you’ve seen on social media. Recently, the trend towards swimming for adults is increasing. In fact, the company’s official Instagram handle shared some of their favorite videos from the trend too! Here’s everything we know about it so far.

What is the adult swim trend on TikTok?

With this trend on TikTok, users create their own bumpers or bumps. The trend was popularized by a TikTok user named Vano 3000. According to his TikTok, he is a producer who has released several songs.

The beat that is going viral all over TikTok has yet to be released. Vano announced that he will drop the beat next week. He has not yet announced the official date for the publication. The beat is sampled from BADBADNOTGOOD’s Time Moves Slow.

For the adult swim trend, people create their own bumpers or bumps by using the beat over random videos and writing “[adult swim]”or”[as]”About it. Adult Swim also shared some of the TikTok videos on their Instagram page.

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What is an Adult Swim Bumper or Bumps?

The adult swim bumpers or bumps are small clips that play before and after a commercial. Initially, the bumpers showed seniors swimming with a lifeguard speaking through a megaphone. This was followed by the Adult Swim logo. However, over the years the content changed.

In 2003, Adult Swim decided to keep their logo simple as they stand for “[adult swim]“With a black and white color scheme over their previous yellow or red color logo.

Most of the time, these bumps or bumpers contain videos or pictures of random things and have “[adult swim] written about them. Fans have always loved this concept and many are already talking about the new trend on TikTok.

Twitter is responding to the adult swim trend

Fans can’t stop talking about the adult swim trend that is slowly taking over social media. One user wrote, “The adult swim trend on TikTok has to be one of my favorites.” Another added, “Please tell me that someone on AdultSwim is aware of this trend. I beg.”

“There’s this new trend on tt where people swim, adults switch, and it’s so cool that I love it .. feels like a break,” was another comment.

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there’s this new trend on tt where ppl r do adult swim transitions and it’s so cool i love it..feels like a break

– i ♡ childe (@kaeyafruit) June 5, 2021

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The adult swim trend on TikTok has to be one of my favorites. 11/10

– Mario (@ Trvppapi10) June 5, 2021

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