What’s Fil-Am Tiktok star Bella Poarch’s make-up inspiration? – Manila Bulletin

She is featured in Vogue Beauty!

Aside from all of the mesmerizing lip-synced TikTok videos we love to watch, Filipino-American Bella Poarch’s beauty look is a refreshing sight. We love her naturally radiant look and she got to share her skin care and makeup routine with Vogue Beauty.

She talked about what it was like growing up: “I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup to school, so all my friends would like to have lipstick and eyeliner on, and neither should I. So I was always jealous. “Bella started out with lots of moisture, including vitamin C serum, face mist, and skin cream. Then she moves on to sunscreen – a habit that has always been very important to Asians – learned from her titas.

Vogue Beauty

After preparing, she continued applying the foundation, explaining that Filipinos don’t like to apply too much makeup here because of the high moisture rate here. “The difference between Filipino makeup and US makeup is that Filipinos don’t really like foundation or really thick makeup,” she adds, using her fingers and a beauty blender to apply concealer and liquid a few times Foundation applied. She sculpted her cheeks with bronzer and applied lipstick and lipstick to her lips in nude shadows.

But wait, what about some blush? At that point she returned to her cheeks: “I grew up with Animé, and the girls in Animé have really rosy cheeks. This is how I got inspired to do my pink cheeks on TikTok. I think it’s really cute. “She also wiped some blush on her nose to get that Japanese animate touch. She also used highlighters on her nose, cheekbones, and inner corners of her eyes with her fingertips. She sealed the look through her eyelash extensions with a couple of brushes.

As part of the Navy, she showed that she can put her hair in a bun in two minutes. “The military also taught me how to be a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect. “She combs her hair in sections, then picks up a strand from each side of her hair, twists it, and releases it for a few delicate strands that frame the face. “This is the final look. Now you know my secrets for my classic ‘M to the B’ Bella Poarch look!”



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