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Are you growing online right now? With over eight years of teaching Instagram ™ online and over 30 years of business experience, I have a few Instagram ™ business lessons that I learned along the way.

Keep reading this blog post and discover four Instagram ™ business lessons I learned on my entrepreneurial journey that will help you cut your time and feel less alone in the virtual world.

In this blog post:

Sue B. Lesson 1: Your time and luck are important

I had stalled eight years ago. I worked 12 to 18 hour days and spent too much time outside of my family. Also, I didn’t prioritize my health so I didn’t feel recharged every day.

I knew I couldn’t go on like this and I had to evaluate where my business should be in five years. In this way, with a lot of focus and patience, I was able to find my “hell yes” and realign my business.

Even if you feel completely stuck, I promise you that you can find your “hell yes” too.

Sue B. Lesson 2: Take Your Message to the World

While I was able to travel the world and share my Instagram ™ knowledge, I actually started speaking locally. Since 2012 I have been teaching Instagram ™ in my community for free.

Even if you first have to speak for free, enter your message in full. Volunteer to speak like me in front of a local audience, or if an opportunity to speak arises, contact the local college.

By 2013, my speaking engagements grew and I was invited to speak at the Massachusetts Women’s Conference. Now I’ve spoken in nine countries and connected with people all over the world.

Sue B. Zimmerman speaks to an audience at the Massachusetts Women's Conference.

Take every opportunity to speak to hone your messaging and speaking skills. Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, build the skills that will make you a in-demand speaker.

Sue B. Lesson 3: Invest in Yourself

When I say invest in yourself, I am not just talking about time or money. You need both if you want to achieve your business goals and avoid burnout!

That’s why I invested in my first professional photo shoot in 2014. Wow, what a difference that made to my Instagram ™ content and my business aesthetic.

Another decision that made a huge difference in relieving my burnout was the decision to close my Sue B Do shop in 2015. Instead of skinny myself, I could just focus on growing my Instagram ™ education business and reaching more customers.

Sue B Zimmerman smiles and poses with some of her summer employees in front of her Sue B store in Cape Cod.

Not only did I focus on reaching more customers, but in 2016 I also spent a lot of time networking like a boss. Taking my Instagram ™ relationships offline has enabled me to connect with like-minded business owners.

Sue B Zimmerman smiles as she stands with a group of conference attendees holding hashtag signs.

This is how I also got a cover feature in Where Women Create Business magazine.

Sue B Zimmerman smiles as she holds an issue of Where Women Create Business magazine with her cover photo in her hand.

However, finding business success isn’t just about magazine covers or paid speaking engagements, it’s also about building relationships with people who cheer you on. I found that when I met Amy Landino at a conference in Texas. We are now Business BFFs.

Sue B Zimmerman smiles as she stands next to Amy Landino holding a hashtag sign that says #InstaGalLive.

Surround yourself in relationships that make you feel good. While competition can be a great motivator, you need people in your corner who want to support you. These relationships are especially important when you are making difficult business decisions.

Lesson 4: Take the time to find people who are growing their businesses in the same industry

That’s right, I think supportive business relationships are so important that I mention it twice.

While competition can make you want your business better, you need people clapping for you every step of the way. This is especially important when you face new challenges in your company.

When the SBZ team started our Ready, Set, Gram Pro course in 2019, these supportive relationships were key to getting our team to build our best course yet.

The interface of the Ready Set Gram course.

And that breadth and support for creating higher quality courses, our team and our business have all exceeded our expectations. We grew in 2020 12 people in the SBZ team. We also reached 2,500 Ready, Set, Gram community members.

The Instagram ™ biography for the SBZ team account.

With a solid team around me and my business friends cheering me on, I know that I can accept whatever comes my way. I’m so far from that burned-out, unactivated version of myself eight years ago.

Sue B Zimmerman smiles as she poses with three people who inspire her in the business.

And I’m not stopping yet and neither are you! Looking ahead to 2021, I hope you can find your genius zone and use this Instagram ™ for business hours to exceed all your expectations.

Whatever your Instagram ™ 2021 goals, I’m here to help you build a highly engaged community

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