What Is TikTok’s Flip the Swap Problem? Particulars Inside

I’m calling all Drake fans! It’s officially your time to shine on TikTok. We all know the social app is behind some of the most legendary trends and dance challenges we have ever seen. From the Silhouette Challenge to the Disney Dog Challenge, there are many opportunities for creators to bring their own ideas to life. And the latest one, Flip the Switch Challenge, features Drake’s 2018 hit “Nonstop” and is proving to be just as iconic.

But of course there is a right and a wrong path to all TikTok challenges. So if you feel like getting on the train, read on to find out all about the Flip the Switch Challenge.

What is TikTok’s Flip the Switch Challenge?

In case you missed it, the Flip the Switch Challenge went viral because it is so easy to create. And while most people would think it had something to do with turning your lights on and off, there is a bit more behind it.

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Source: TikTok

At the Flip the Switch Challenge, two people stand in front of a mirror. A person stands closest to the mirror and holds still while they record the video on their phone. Meanwhile, the other person in the background dances to the music until Drake knocks on the opening lyric: “Look, I just flipped a switch (flipped, flipped).”

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This notice prompts you to turn the room’s light switch on and off to show that the two participants swapped outfits and positions during the transition.

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And while the challenge provides a cool way for developers to have fun with their friends and family, it’s been in full swing. To date, the Flip the Switch Challenge has received up to 6.9 billion views. Yes, you read that right!

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Celebrities and influencers alike are fun.

The app has been known to be filled with users who show their creativity as soon as a TikTok trend takes off. And while influencers always lag far behind in interpreting various challenges, celebrities are also fun.

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One of the most watched Flip the Switch videos comes from Hollywood couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. While J. Lo is known in the dance department for always being right, Alex is not that skilled. So your video adds a fun twist to the mix.

Not to mention Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Flip the Switch video is funny too. She has teamed up with actress Kate Mckinnon, who she will play on Saturday Night Live. And in the video we all see the senator take a step and enjoy herself.

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It’s safe to say that another trend is likely brewing, but that doesn’t mean the Flip the Switch Challenge will become a faint memory.

This is a challenge that, unlike other trends, is suitable for all ages. And we anticipate that even more creators will step on the table and show their personality in the challenge.

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