What Does CP Imply on TikTok? The Disturbing Motive Why You Cannot Change Your Profile Pic

Since it only makes sense for the last day of the helliest year of our existence, TikTok is going through a phase of banning a number of bots, making it impossible for some to change their profile pictures. TikTok users noticed this change about a day ago and said they either lost their profile pictures or couldn’t change them.

“With the Tiktok profile picture,” tweeted one person.

“TikTok annoys me so much, just wanted to change my profile picture and now I’m stuck with a gray circle,” tweeted another. Hundreds of such posts have accumulated on Twitter. Some people have concerns that they have broken a rule or will be penalized, which is likely not the case. Fortunately, we have some answers.

What does CP mean on TikTok?

“CP” means child pornography, and the users TikTok seeks are those who have sexually explicit pictures, some of minors, as their profile pictures. Several TikTok users have already complained about exposure to these horrific images. So it looks like TikTok is taking care of the problem. It’s unclear when they’ll finish sweeping the app and deleting these users (or if they can trace their origins for possible legal action), but it’s good to know that TikTok takes this type of behavior seriously to help protect the Platform to be designed as safe from a place as possible for its creator.

If you can’t change your TikTok profile picture, stick with it. TikTok is currently going through millions of bots changing their pfp to CP and other inappropriate images. pic.twitter.com/A3cBUpEHDz

– Parii and Adi (aripariiandadi), December 30, 2020

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From now on it is recommended not to try to change our profile pictures or to uninstall and reinstall the app. It’s unclear if this will cause TikTok not to be used or if it just doesn’t do anything at all.

TikTok has been through quite a year. While it is one of the most popular apps right now, there is still a risk of a ban as the possibility behind the potential data mining of users is a huge concern for the US government. Just last Monday, the Justice Department appealed the judge’s order that prevented the US from banning TikTok. The Trump admin tried to force TikTok (owned mostly by Chinese company ByteDance) to sell, but that never happened.

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I miss when the TikTok ban was my biggest concern

– jacobany (@jacobanyscott) December 29, 2020

Aside from its privacy concerns, TikTok has also been a breeding ground for malicious content, such as pro-ED videos that bypassed the “pro-anorexia” hashtags simply by using common misspellings. Other phenomena such as the Autism Challenge, which went viral on the platform in May, show that without constant monitoring, harmful trends can affect and harm potentially vulnerable users (60 percent of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old).

It seems that the iconic Spider-Man quote also applies to TikTok: With great strength comes great responsibility. On the positive side, however, the people behind TikTok agree.

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