What are the TikTok leggings and the place can I purchase them?

A PAIR of yoga pants went viral on TikTok, with videos of the leggings garnering hundreds of millions of views.

But what are they and where can I buy them? Below is everything you need to know …

Reviewers raved about the cheap yoga pants


Reviewers raved about the cheap yoga pantsCredit: Amazon

What are the TikTok leggings?

TikTok leggings are a brand of yoga pants available on Amazon that went viral on the social app.

The hashtag “tiktokleggings” has so far more than 639 million views.

The leggings went viral after multiple buyers posted reviews raving about the inexpensive pants.

TikTok buyers said the leggings hug their curves and instantly lift their bums.

The strategically placed seam that runs straight down from the bottom of your back to your buttocks creates the illusion of a more rounded shape.

On Amazon, the leggings are described as anti-cellulite leggings – a claim that most reviewers agree with.

They are available in many colors and in sizes S to 4XL.

Where can I buy the TikTok leggings?

There are several versions of the leggings available on Amazon.

What they all have in common is the structured material and a thick waistband.

There are a number of different colors too – the most raved pair on TikTok were the gray leggings with the white pattern.

The two main brands available on Amazon are Seasum and Riojoy.

It is unclear which brand released the famous leggings first, but both brands were featured in the online viral reviews.

Riojoy sells its leggings starting at £ 15.99 – available here.

Seasum sells its version of the leggings starting at the cheaper price of £ 5.99 – available here.

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