Watch the Lady Group BOYS WORLD Do the TikTok Problem Problem — BOYS WORLD ‘TikTok Problem Problem’

The most intimidating challenge on the internet is back! In the TikTok Challenge Challenge, participants learn popular TikTok routines in 60 seconds and then perform the dances in full. The up-and-coming group BOYS WORLD joined this edition of the series and served us with great charm. Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay Elana Caceres and Makhyli were ready and eager to take on this daunting feat!

They say teamwork makes the dream come true, so BOYS WORLD carried out the TikTok Challenge Challenge in the manner of a girls’ group in perfect harmony. They’re not strangers dancing with each other anyway:

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TBH, watching this video, felt like a fly on the wall for one of this group’s occasional slopes. I mean at some point they started really having fun with it and just totally improvised with the choreo. IMHO it didn’t look bad! Check out the full video to see their movements and a mini-performance of “Touched by An Angel”, BOYS WORLD’s own track from their latest EP “While You Were Away”.

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