Watch Lil Nas X’s TikTok Parody Of @SideTalkNYC Interviews

Each year, Variety compiles a list of the teams behind the songs they believe were the most influential of the year and names those honored as “hitmakers.” At the magazine’s annual brunch, musicians involved in the honored songs meet to give speeches and receive awards for their work. But what was maybe just another boring industry brunch was raised to eleven in 2021 by the class of young artists who know how to convert pretty much anything into content using TikTok. And with a heavy cast of stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Chloe Bailey, Jack Harlow and Normani in the house, what really choice did Lil Nas X have but submit a hilarious parody video that quickly went viral on multiple platforms.

After the rather infamous one-minute TikTok interviews @SidetalkNYC did with colorful New Yorkers, each musician took a different viral clip for lip-syncing and pieced it all together. The parody clip was brand new content that everyone enjoyed, the “bing bong” videos would of course be delighted. And this video proves once again that nobody – nobody – understands TikTok like Lil Nas X. Take a look at the celebrity parody clip below, along with some of the original SidetalkNYC videos for context if you haven’t got them seen.

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