Viral TikTok Video Is Saving Lives and Offering 1000’s of Individuals the Connection They’ve Been Lacking

THE ANGEL, April 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The definition of a “loveologist” is a person whose “soul” purpose is to love. Current TikTok influencer, Jody DeSimone, known online as Girlgraphix, takes this term to a new level. Her viral TikTok post currently has more than 207,400 viewers and is already changing lives.

“This is my calling; this is what I was born for,” said DeSimone. “People deserve to be seen and heard. I do that for them.”

Girlgraphix- “Loveologist”

Just a few weeks ago, DeSimone invited her followers to get in touch with her if they needed a friend or someone to just check her in from time to time. Thousands of TikTokkers have now accepted this offer.

DeSimone responded to the influx of messages by saying, “I’m not overwhelmed, I’m just trying to organize.”

At this point, the TikTok influencer is responding to around 200 messages a day via text and phone calls, but promises to reach out to anyone who has reached out to them as soon as possible.

Sara out North Carolina saw the video and later told DeSimone that her harmless chat literally saved her life.

According to DeSimone, Sara said, “I didn’t tell you beforehand, but the night we started texting I wanted to commit suicide. I didn’t do it because of you.”

Similar stories have been pouring in since then.

The viral post becomes a movement for the TikTok personality. DeSimone, single mother of 6-year-old son Venice, plans to travel across the country in their motorhome trailers in the cities they propose. The TikTok tour starts in Murrieta, Californiaand continue for the next year, with stops being announced later.

DeSimone recently acquired an automated service that allows her to organize any messages she continues to receive. To reach them, the followers simply write the word “LOVE” to 844-469-8276. After the first two automated welcome messages, you will shortly receive a personal call or text from DeSimone as well as personalized “check-ins”. the whole month.

The viral video “I got you”, which started the #TeamLoveologist movement on TikTok, can be found at:

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Jody DeSimone owns a marketing and web development company called DeSimone Global Marketing (DGM). She has over 20 years of marketing experience in a variety of fields including consulting, web development, social media, branding, and more. It has a very unique relationship with energy; think Tesla meets Elon Musk. She is also a seasoned tarot reader and has learned that her voice is an aphrodisiac.

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