‘Viral TikTok Reveals Staff Pissed off by ‘Mega Burrito’ Order

A video allegedly showing how Chipotle employees are “visibly frustrated” with a customer request to re-submit a complicated order received more than 46,400 views on TikTok.

The video posted by @xking_darius shows a customer trying to order a “mega burrito,” or a burrito with three overlapping tortillas, and getting upset because staff weren’t doing it the way they wanted.

“This person in front of me made a mega chipotle burrito and got mad if they didn’t do it in a certain way,” read a text overlay in the video.

Chipotle’s current menu does not include a mega burrito option, which means this item may be a “secret menu option” – designed and created by customers working from items already available on the menu, but not a Chipotle approved item.

Commentators openly criticized the decision to try to order a burrito like this, pointing out that doing so puts an additional burden on service staff who are not trained to prepare items on the menu.

“You shouldn’t even be allowed to do that,” wrote one commentator. “The hell it takes Chipotle long enough. Let’s not make it harder for ourselves by being a fuck. “

Other commentators who claimed to work for Chipotle shared their similar experiences from across the counter.

“I worked at Chipotle once and we had a guy do it,” wrote one such commenter. “We stopped serving him because it was almost an arm’s length burrito and he got mad.”

The so-called “Mega Burrito” is something of an Internet legend, cataloged on forums like Reddit.

The Daily Dot reached out to @xking_darius and Chipotle directly through TikTok DM for their order customization policies.

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* First released: Jan 1, 2022 at 8:40 a.m. CST

Brooke Sjöberg

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Brooke Sjöberg

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