Viral TikTok reveals somebody hitting gator within the head with toy boat

LEE COUNTY, Florida – A series of videos posted on TikTok, one with over 400,000 likes and one with 20,000, with thousands of comments encouraging the poster to keep harassing an alligator.

The videos show someone throwing a toy boat into the water and aiming it straight at an alligator. Then they hit the alligator in the head with the boat several times, videotaped everything and made it available on the Internet.

It is illegal to molest an alligator in Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said its intelligence department is investigating the contributions.

FWC urges people to keep a safe distance when they see an alligator.

They wrote, “In many cases, if left alone, these alligators will eventually move away. Never try to touch an alligator, even a small one can cause injury. In addition, state law prohibits the killing, molesting, or possession of alligators. “

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