Viral TikTok Exhibits Moira Rose From Schitt’s Creek As GPS Voice

  • A video featuring Schitt’s Creek character Moira Rose as the GPS voice has gone viral on TikTok.
  • The video shows actor Michael Berry as Moira leading a driver through the streets of Lancaster, PA.
  • TikTokers responded to the video, requesting a real world GPS system which Berry referred to as Moira.
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A TikTok video that featured Schitt’s Creek’s favorite cult character Moira Rose as the GPS voice has received over a million views since actor Michael Judson Berry released it last weekend.

Imitating Moira’s unusual affects and unique phrases with uncanny accuracy, Berry took his followers on a journey through Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

“Hello, and welcome to Google Maps,” Berry began when Moira started.

“From the parking lot, turn left. There is a nice bush across the street, but don’t make sure that you have to concentrate on the road. We don’t want any accidental fender benders,” Berry continued while Moira continued.

Berry later began singing Moira the driver with “Oh Danny Boy,” a song Moira sings on the show to keep her husband Johnny Rose from embarrassing himself at a funeral.

At one point, Moira punished the driver for taking the wrong turn and spat out unusual word combinations as she hurried to find a new route.

“No, no, I said ‘right’, not ‘straight’,” said Berry when Moira told the driver. “Why do you have to be such a grumpy Ninnyhanner? Now we have to redirect. Do you feel like my instructions are just a little humbuggery? I’m not doing this for my health, you know. Ugh, the cheek!”

Berry told Insiders he sat down with his thesaurus before shooting the video to figure out combinations of words Moira might use, like “churlish ninnyhammer” and “trifle humbuggery”.

Schitt’s Creek co-creator Dan Levy, who also starred on the series, admitted in an interview with Vulture last year that he didn’t know what Moira’s accent would be until the first day of shooting.

“I remember being so upset because it’s that vague European accent that has no origin and yet it comes from everywhere,” he said. “I remember really having to hide the joy of it and do my job as an actor, as a kid who had that accent all his life.”

TikTokers responded to the video, expressing enthusiasm for a real world GPS system that Berry narrated as Moira

Several of Berry’s supporters pointed this out

, a GPS navigation app, makes special voices. “Please record a voice for Waze,” wrote one user.

“Dear Waze, this has to happen to STAT,” said another.

“That would be so fun to drive,” wrote a third user.

Berry told Insiders he was inspired to create the GPS video after seeing a tweet from actress Laura Bailey saying, “I want Moira Rose to be my GPS voice.”

It wasn’t the first time Berry had imitated the character of Schitt’s Creek. Last year he started a series of videos called QuaranTeaTime pretending to be Moira and hosting a talk show.

“QuaranTeaTime has been a wonderful trip,” he told Insider. “It started as an inside joke with friends, and now, over 30 wigs and 130 episodes later, it has changed my life in really beautiful ways. I just hope it has helped people smile and in such a dark time maybe even laugh a little. “”

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