Vinny Makes Enjoyable of Previous Drama Between Sammi & Ronnie on TikTok

Vinny, with the help of a TikTok user, has recreated an infamous battle between Sammi and Ronnie. Vinny praised the TikTok user for her impersonation.

“Rahnnn Stahpp !!” A quote that will live in Jersey Shore History, also for the roommates. Vinny Guadagnino made fun of the past drama between Ronnie Ortiz-Margo and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola in a new TikTok video. The two had a toxic relationship throughout the Jersey Shore season.

The roommates spent their first summer together on the Jersey Shore in 2009. Snooki, JWoww, Angelina, Sammi, Vinny, Mike “The Situation”, Pauly D, and Ronnie were the original six cast members. At the time, Angelina had three episodes of the original series before it was finalized and later returned for the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spin-off. Deena Cortese was added to the cast in place of Angelina and has since stayed while pregnant. Over the years the family has seen its fair share of drama. From heartache to drunken disagreements to fist fights, they’ve seen it all. One of the most memorable stories on the show was the constant drama between Ronnie and Sammi. The two had a toxic relationship before quitting for good after the original show concluded. Ronnie returned for the spin-off show and is finally in a healthy relationship, while Sammi has not returned and is currently engaged.

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Vinny must be a little bored in quarantine. In Touch reported that Vinny Guadagnino joked about the past drama between Ronnie and Sammi during their days on the Jersey Shore. Vinny and Tik Tok star Kate Barbato worked together on a “duet” video that embodied a scene from the original series. Kate, who has over 36,000 followers on the social media platform, posted the original video dubbing Sammi’s part of an argument with Ronnie. The scene was when Ronnie and Sammi disagreed about Snooki’s friend Ryder, who appeared on the show occasionally. On the show, Vinny had got into an argument to let everyone know that they were going for Ryder’s birthday. When Vinny decided to duet Kate’s video, he acted out his part of the scene. Vinny went up his stairs and dubbed his line on the fans’ favorite scene while pretending to be offended while Kate continued to pose as Sam screaming.

Fans flooded the comment section on Vinny’s TikTok, laughing at the reenactment of the infamous scene. One person suggested that after some deliberation, Kate should be included on the show. Another joked, “This video just saved 2020.” Vinny praised Kate’s impersonation and shared it on Instagram. He exclaimed, “This girl makes Sam better than Sam” before later deleting the post. Before the post was deleted, Mike “The Situation”, who is expecting his first child with Mrs. Lauren, joined in the fun. Mike commented, “RAHN STOP.” Kate later released another duet of the video, with her makeup going in shock and Vinny acknowledging her video. She wrote the post titled “THAT’S HOW IT HAPPENED. WE HAVE IT GUYS.”

Although Sammi “Sweetheart” is no longer part of the Jersey Shore Family, their infamous line “Rahn Stahpp” will never get old. Kate Barbato is a lucky girl who brings someone from the original scene to her video.

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Source: In Contact, Kate Barbato / Tik Tok, Vinny Guadagnino / Tik Tok

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