Vancouver BC’s hip hop dance mothers’ movies taking on TikTok

You’re cooking serious choreography. 👯‍♀️

A group of mothers from Vancouver think about the social thanks to their groovy movements.

The House Wives of Hip Hop (the name also confirms their love of house music) have garnered over three million views on TikTok since they started posting short dance videos last summer.

The group consists of seven local women and was formed six years ago when the ladies discovered that their children were enjoying the dance class and wanted to join.

After taking a few lessons from Jheric Hizon, co-owner of Boogaloo Academy, the team improved their skills and eventually won medals and performed at the West Coast Women’s Show and Victoria Women’s Expo.

“We’re really trying to respect the artists and the people who started hip hop and the reasons they started doing these dances in the first place,” explains member Kerrie Everitt.

COVID-19 has forced the troop to get creative. Three members who live close together have started dancing in alleys, carports, parks, and various other locations in East Vancouver.

Not even a global pandemic can stop this ensemble from spreading joy. in fact, it actually helped their popularity.

“If we could encourage someone to dance in their living room or learn a TikTok and just enjoy themselves, try something new that might scare them and that make us really happy as a group,” says co-founder Alexa Uhrich.

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