Two strangers get married in Las Vegas after assembly on TikTok

People share their good wishes for two strangers who recently tied the knot in Las Vegas after meeting on TikTok.

The unique get-together and subsequent wedding came after Gunnar Michels, a 24-year-old videographer, posted a TikTok last month stating that he wanted to marry someone he met on the app because he believed it that people “take life too seriously”. .

“I want to marry someone from TikTok. No, really, ”said Michels in his first video, which was viewed over 1.3 million times. “I will fly me and you, wherever you are, to Las Vegas, where we will get married.

“I think people take life too seriously and I’m only here to prove it isn’t that deep. Life is a game. Let’s break some norms. “

In the clip, Michels then encouraged viewers to share the TikTok with someone they consider “perfect”. The 24-year-old explained in a video below that applicants had to be over 18 and tell him where they came from and had to explain what made them different from the other applicants.

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Despite Michels receiving hundreds of direct messages, the offer eventually caught the attention of Danielle Elleinad, who responded to the video with her own TikTok introducing herself and announcing that she is 24, an Aries and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“I know I have to be the one to take this crazy adventure with you because nothing in life has ever been this serious to me and I always wanted to get married in a crazy, stupid way [like] in Vegas, in a bikini and cowboy hat that Elvis marries, or ride a roller coaster and get matching tattoos on the roller coaster, ”said Elleinad.

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The 24-year-old also suggested that instead of flying to Las Vegas, the couple could take the “ambulance I live in” to Nevada.

Elleinad added that the transportation alternative was only an option and closed the video by stating that she was serious about marrying Michels because she “loved the idea” and said they should “break some social norms because we did are only here for a short time So why not do whatever we want in life? “

Elleinad’s video, viewed more than 7 million times, sparked a response from Michels, who was putting FaceTimed together with Elleinad before meeting her in person for the first time. At that point he suggested.

In the suggestion video, Michels introduced his followers to his new fiancé in a suit, who said to the camera after accepting his ring: “We’ll do this.”

For the past two months, Michels and Elleinad have also been taking their followers with them as they shop for wedding outfits and celebrate their upcoming wedding with a bachelorette party.

The couple’s story culminated in a wedding on Valentine’s Day. Michels revealed in a TikTok montage on the day he “couldn’t ask for a better woman”.

“No matter where we land Danielle, near or far, you just know that I’ll always be there for you,” Michels said in the clip that showed scenes from the couple’s wedding.

In the comments, Elleinad shared a sentimental response, writing, “I am so grateful that I am now part of your life forever. That experience was absolutely mental and I loved every minute of it! Xo – your wife. “

While the couple’s story is an unusual one, thousands of people on TikTok are emotionally invested, with many expressing their hope that Michels and Elleinad stay together.

“Can’t wait to see how they actually fall in love and are together forever. I’m here for that, ”commented one person.

Another said, “I honestly love this. It’s so unique and different from the norm. I wish you all a happy life! “

“I wish you only the best. What an amazing story you will always have, ”wrote someone else.

Others hypothesized that the couple’s unique meeting would end in a movie, and some suggested that the plot might be picked up by Netflix or Hallmark.

Regarding whether the newlyweds will actually fall in love, Elleinad told BuzzFeed that love is a “strong word” but that she cares about Michels, adding who knows what will happen after their wedding.

The Independent approached Elleinad and Michels for comment.

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