TikTok Uncovered Kendall Jenner’s Secret 818 Tequila

Keep it classic.
Photo: Kendall Jenner / Instagram

The Kardashians have been covertly recording Kendall Jenner’s tequila for years, but TikTok already knew that, of course. Jenner unveiled her tequila brand 818 (hint: it’s the Calabasas area code) to big fans on Instagram on February 16, and even well-known tea lover and big sister Kim declared she was “not a drinker” until she tried 818 , encouraging “Tequila shots all day!” Jenner said in her post that it took nearly four years of work to make the drink, including dozens of blind taste tests and trips to the distillery. It seems to have paid off: The tequila has apparently already won anonymous tasting competitions with its “earthy aromas of pine and yellow fruit mixed with vanilla”, as the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Brief shows.

However, this wasn’t news to TikTok user Hannah Farrell, aka @hfazzz, who shot a viral video in January theorizing that 818 was Jenner’s new tequila. Your evidence? In April, Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram story where she and BFF Anastasia Karanikolaou (aka @stassiebaby) had tequila shots. “By the way, we’re on some new shit,” says Kylie, pointing to the glass. “We really drank that, but we’re Shh, we mustn’t tell anyone.” Farrell then points to an Instagram post in which Kendall has a bottle of 818 tequila in the background. The TikToker later changed their tune to suggest it was Kendall’s brand (after Kenny himself liked the original video). Yesterday it came full circle: Farrell commented on the announcement post and Kendall wrote back: “Yes to you, lady !!!” Maybe it’s officially time for Farrell to join the family group chat?

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