TikTok to begin policing vaccine misinformation

“At a time when the world is moving into the next phase of pandemic vaccination, there is an urgent need for information management,” the company said in a press release on Tuesday. With around 800 million users worldwide, TikTok is just the platform for checking accuracy. Videos containing information about the coronavirus are marked as such and users are directed to reliable external sources for more information. The company also announced that it will be working with scientists worldwide to provide accessible explanations of medical reality and working with third-party verification companies to ensure the app’s content is accurate. Starting December 21st, the app will be updated to include a “COVID-19 Vaccines” bar in the “Search” section that will make accessing information easy and visible. In addition, a hashtag will be created for the vaccine and videos tagged with the tag will provide an option to learn more about the virus. This leads users to verified and reliable scientific sources. Some fact-checking sites the company will continue to work with include AFP, Politifact, and Sciverify, among others. Kevin Morgan, Director of Product and Process at TikTok Europe, said, “TikTok takes responsibility and is committed to doing everything in its power to continue to corrupt misinformation outside the app.”

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