TikTok Testing Characteristic That Lets You Stream Dwell From Your PC

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While almost every other app try to become TikTok, TikTok apparently wants to be more like Twitch.

On Thursday, TechCrunch reported that TikTok is testing something called TikTok Live Studio, a Twitch-like feature that allows users to live stream their PC video game.

Gaming is an increasingly popular genre on TikTok, with many of the app’s users taking advantage of the existing live stream feature to record themselves playing popular console games while interacting with viewers via real-time commentary. However, streaming from mobile devices is a relatively crude setup for most gamers who need a connection to a game console and desktop-enabled software for a better viewing experience.

A little foretaste of the software tweeted by journalist Zach Bussey shows that the program is still relatively rudimentary and, in addition to individual games, can currently also access footage from apps, mobile devices and cameras. Users apparently also have the option to stream in portrait mode, which is the format they are in The TikTok audience will be used to it, as well as in landscape format for wider shots. Once downloaded to the desktop, users can enter their TikTok credentials to access the program, which syncs their content and list of followers.

The ability to stream from a desktop isn’t new to TikTok – users could previously use third-party software like Streamlabs – but this is the platform’s first foray into its own proprietary desktop streaming software. On mobile devices, livestream viewers can send tips and “roses”, and YouTubers can schedule events and assign moderators to oversee the live discussion. According to TechCrunch, while TikTok Live Studio is currently set up to give developers many of these capabilities, including the option to turn on gifts and comments and set up keyword filters, they can’t assign moderators or schedule streams – at least not right away.

While the program is currently only available to a few thousand users in a handful of Western markets, TechCrunch said the new software could one day become a crucial part of TikTok’s plans to spice up its live content offering and develop new strategies to address its To keep users from ever getting lost outside of the app.

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