TikTok Sports activities Discuss: Is the Bulls-Knicks rivalry able to resume?

CHICAGO – When you look at the records, the pre-game media hype, and even the ticket prices, you might get a little excited if you’re a Bulls fan.

It’s been a while since both of them were good as the Knicks at the same time. So with the teams coming up against each other very early in the 2021-2022 season as two of the top three teams in the Eastern Conference, there’s a little excitement.

That happens on Thursday when the Bulls & Knicks meet at the United Center in front of a large crowd at the Joakim Noah Night at the venue. Billy Donovan’s Bulls are 4-0 in the season while Tom Thibodeau’s Knicks are 3-1 in the season, reliving some memories of the team’s memorable match-ups in the 1990s.

Back then, it was Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippens Bulls who took on Patrick Ewings Knicks when the teams met five times in the playoffs. The rugged, competitive series remains some of the highlights of the decade in the NBA, with the Bulls winning the most of the Knicks in four of the five playoff series.

Larry Hawley discussed the resurgence of the rivalry in this week’s “TikTok Sports Talk” on WGN News Now, which you can watch in the video above.


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