TikTok Shares New Insights into How Customers are Partaking Round Mom’s Day within the App

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, TikTok has released some new insights into how its users are engaging with the event and how marketers can use it to promote their Mother’s Day promotions.

TikTok begins with this somewhat surprising claim:

“Did you know that more than one in four TikTok users is a mom?”

That seems like a lot, especially given the younger tendency of the TikTok audience. On the other hand, with more female than male users and a wider audience than most expect, the data highlights the potential of the platform from a marketing perspective. Many influential senior users are now available through the app.

This built-in audience has given TikTok a number of insights into the products moms look for on the platform that can help shape their Mother’s Day promotions.

TikTok Mother's Day Dates

As you can see here, most TikTok moms want to go on vacation.

I mean, don’t we all? One year in and out of lockdown will do that to you. With travel still out of the question for many, there are various other considerations that TikTok moms will focus on as the day approaches, which could highlight important opportunities for related brands.

TikTok also says that mothers are heavy mobile users on the platform.

“They are more likely to see your content from a phone screen and often discover brands through social media. Marketers should take note of this and reach them with full advertising in mobile-first environments for maximum impact.”

TikTok Mother's Day Dates

TikTok also notes that Mother’s Day activity increases as the day approaches, with a big jump to the day itself:

“We looked at activities around relevant hashtags like #Mother, #mothers day, #Gift, #giftformom and #Mummy This time last year on TikTok, we noticed the following: The content and activities for Mother’s Day saw a sharp increase on the day of compared to the previous day. This applies to both the volume of content published and the views and engagement for that content. “

TikTok Mother's Day Dates

These are some valuable pointers for marketers who could point out both immediate opportunities in terms of Mother’s Day gift promotions, as well as ongoing recommendations through TikTok, with mothers likely to showcase their gifts in video clips posted on the day as well.

TikTok encourages marketers to share special offers leading up to the event and use TikTok ads as reminders to ensure users remember the day is coming.

These are some useful pointers that might highlight new considerations for the reach of your Mother’s Day.

You can read TikTok’s full Mother’s Day Insights here.

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