TikTok Reveals The Unhappy Destiny Of Dunkin’s Leftover Donuts

This isn’t the only time a TikToker features hundreds of Dunkin donuts that land in the trash, much to the horror of viewers. Given that food waste in the US runs at nearly 150,000 tons per day (which wastes huge amounts of land and water, and also contributes to the release of greenhouse gases – according to The Guardian), Dunkin’s donut dumping policy may seem curious to appear.

Viewers of the TikTok video were understandably confused as numerous people suggested that the employee could have given them away. However, that idea was rejected by the uploader, who says workers are being fired for not properly disposing of donuts. Some commentators have also speculated that Dunkin ‘may not want to donate donuts in the event its profits are impacted or a defective product causes a health problem.

Dunkin’s website says the company operates an end of day donation program that allows franchisees to give away excess baked goods (subject to local regulations and the approval of individual store owners). The company also runs a composting program that enables local dunkin ‘stores to recycle organic waste (like coffee beans) as compost. The compost can then be donated to charitable causes. Dunkin ‘expects its franchisees to act at their own discretion when disposing of excess donuts.

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