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With the web version of TikTok, users can now both review their notifications and comment on posts.

TikTok’s enthusiasm is wildly upward, but largely connected to its mobile interface. It’s pretty easy to see why. TikTok relies on short, simple videos that are filmed on the go and uploaded immediately. Laptops and desktops aren’t exactly known for their turning process, especially on the go. Phones are also particularly popular with TikTok’s target audience of young people. Hence, the news that TikTok has a desktop version comes as a surprise, let alone that there are updates.

But updates will be very minor, but will bring a lot more functionality. Previously, you could only use the TikTok web to view content and, in addition, to log in with accounts in early 2020 to view information and upload videos. These new updates are designed to improve the online experience by providing the ability to comment on and review notifications.

We investigated why the web version is so underdeveloped. TikTok’s success seemed to be based entirely on its mobile success. So why bet on a big screen? However, with the massive success of the app, things have changed. Certain developers on the platform now rely on it to make a living. Adding such options to the website only makes things easier, since not all work is done from a mobile phone.

Another factor affects TikTok’s audience. What used to be primarily intended for a generation of young people has now become a fun app for everyone. Some of the more popular apps are no longer made up of lip-synching teens, but rather middle-aged teachers talking about taxes and financial tips. Older professionals, especially those with office jobs that rely heavily on computers, only have more accessible options for their TikTok experience.

So, yes, phones are obviously the way to go for TikTok. But as the app grows and becomes more inclusive, it doesn’t hurt to refer to a desktop interface as well, especially since it can help people who are constantly on their laptops rather than their phones. Generation Z may still be and will continue to be the standard bearer of TikTok, but even small steps like this show that the company is on the lookout for conventional and unconventional users.

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