TikTok person ‘unintentionally’ swallows AirPod, data audio from abdomen

Another jerk “accidentally” swallowed an Apple AirPod for another year, with a TikTok user accidentally picking up and swallowing something far, much bigger than some pain relievers … and you get it: it was all taken in from her stomach.

The TikTok user is natural warned everyone of their ordeal, said that she thought she was taking some pain medication when she took the Apple AirPod in her left hand while the pain medication was in her right hand. She continued on her TikTok video: “I crawled into bed. I liked to throw something back, took my water bottle and took a sip, then realized it wasn’t the ibuprofen. I tried to throw up on it and it didn’t come out“.

Eventually she pooped the Apple AirPod while confirming she had an X-ray to confirm what had happened and to keep an eye on the situation. The TikTok user said the AirPod was connected to her iPhone and she was on the phone after sending her friend a voice message, they could hear a gurgling sound coming from her stomach … yummy.

She’s not the only one to have swallowed an AirPod and I’m sure she won’t be the last, but seriously … how can you confuse something so much bigger than a tablet (medical) and a much bigger AirPod swallow ?

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