TikTok person shares the ‘life altering’ approach to clear ovens and laundry by freezing dishwashing liquid

The TikTok user shares the “life changing” way of cleaning the kitchen by FREEZING dish soap in ice cube trays

  • A TikTok user frozen dish soap to clean items in her home
  • In one video, Mrs. Fairy poured dishwashing liquid into ice cube trays
  • Then she effortlessly cleaned her baking trays with the frozen cubes
  • In another clip, she added two dice to the barrel of her washing machine
  • Others online were in disbelief and called the hack “life changing”.

A TikTok user went viral after revealing how to keep your oven racks squeaky clean with frozen dish soap.

The woman, known online by the name Tanya Home Inspo, shared the unusual hack by posting a series of videos and leaving others in disbelief.

In one video, the London-based NHS worker began pouring Fairy antibacterial dishwashing detergent into ice cube trays and letting the detergent freeze for a few hours.

With the frozen cubes, the tough food stains slide effortlessly off the grates.

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With the frozen cubes, the tough food stains slide effortlessly off the grates

In a TikTok video, by pouring Fairy’s antibacterial dishwashing liquid into ice cube trays, Tanya poured the frozen cubes to clean her oven and laundry

Tanya was using rubber gloves to clean the grates over a sink filled with soapy water.

After constantly wiping the steel, the frozen cubes seemed to turn into a “mushy” jelly-like consistency, and the racks stayed squeaky clean.

In a second video, she added two frozen cubes of detergent to the washing machine’s barrel to remove the stains from her white laundry.

Previously, others recommended adding a few dishwasher tablets to the home appliance for a similar result.

In total, both videos received more than 160,000 views from TikTok users worldwide who couldn’t believe the unlikely cleaning hack worked.

“I just want to know how you discovered this,” wrote one person.

“Oh my god, I can save so much on laundry capsules!” Another said a third saw the hack as “life changing”.

What can you use dishwashing detergent for?

Cleaning garden furniture

Degreasing kitchen appliances

to remove stains

Clean hairbrushes and combs

Polish the jewelry back to its original shine

Getting rid of fruit flies

Prevent glasses from fogging up

Clean car wheels

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