TikTok person pranks Subway with ‘nothing however sauce’ sandwich order

TikTok user Jimmy Darts is known for his viral stunts that often involve making absurd requests in restaurants and retail stores. In a recent clip, Darts goes to Subway and does just that. His request? A sandwich with every sauce on the menu. The video from Darts, which has more than 400,000 views, shows how a poor subway sandwich maker reacted to the prank. The employee first asks Darts whether he would like meat, cheese or a toasted sandwich. Of course, darts says no to everything. “OK what do you want?” The employee then asks. Darts immediately requests “all sauces”, which seems to surprise the sandwich maker. He checks again with darts and then adds more than a dozen different sauces one at a time to a foot-length piece of bread. The TikToker ends its prank with a sandwich and an exaggerated reaction – which confirms that the order tastes as bad as it sounds. TikTok users seemed both impressed and appalled by Darts’ stunt. Many called his order “gross” or “wasteful”. “I think it’s great that he didn’t ask any questions,” wrote one user, praising the employee’s calm reaction

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