TikTok person praised for rescuing stranger from ‘creep’

A TikTok user was hailed as a heroine after pretending to be friends with a stranger harassed by a “horror” on the street who asked bizarre questions.

The 21-year-old US woman, known as “Pikanab” on the social media platform, was leaving her home late last week when she spotted a man talking to a woman across the street and saw her the woman looked “really uncomfortable”.

In the video, which has been viewed over 32 million times since then, Pikanab asks if she should intervene before she is run over.

“Damn, I’m from NYC, I’m going over there. Girls support girls! “she says in the video.

A TikTok user was commended for rescuing a stranger from a man who asked bizarre questions. Source: TikTok / Pikanab

The man had asked the woman about her toes.

When she reaches the couple, Pinkanab pretends to know the woman and tells her that she was waiting for her.

“Hey girl, I was waiting for you in the car, who is that?” she asks happily.

The man immediately replies that he only “talked” to the woman.

“Talk to her about it, huh?” asks the TikTok user, keeping the friendly facade.

Pikanab said what the man said next made her heart sink.

“Nothing, just ask if their toes are long,” says the man.

Both women laugh awkwardly and Pikanab asks the woman if she knows who the man is.

“Um … no,” replies the woman.

Pikanab then grabs the woman “to make sure he doesn’t” and rushes to her car.

“Do you want to go with us?” she asks the woman.

“Yes please,” the woman says quietly before the video ends.

The TikTok user acted instinctively

Pikanab said she was scared but glad she trusted her instincts.

“That’s why girls have to stick together,” she signed the video.

“You probably just saved a girl from being kidnapped,” replied one user.

“I’m sorry girl I think you dropped this,” replied another follower along with a crown emoji.

The story goes on

Pikanab assured people that the girl was “safe” and in detailed moments when she was approached by strange men on the street in the past, which led her to take action when she saw the situation develop .

A TikTok user befriends a woman after realizing that she is uncomfortable talking to a strange man

The TikTok user grabbed the stranger and pretended to be friends so she could escape the man who asked her questions. Source: TikTok / Pikanab

“At that moment I was scared too,” she recalled.

“But I thought, ‘grow a pair of ovaries and give her a hand.’ So I did.

“But while I was helping her, especially when he said the toe part, my heart went Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter. I almost vomited.”

Many followers asked the TikTok user if she and the woman who saved her had become friends, and Pikanab replied that the woman owed her nothing and she was just helping.

“She doesn’t owe me friendship and she doesn’t owe me her number to befriend.”

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