TikTok outback information attracts 750,000 digital vacationers to South Australia

An outback tour guide who gave up everything to pursue his dream job brings hundreds of thousands of virtual viewers to the outback of South Australia.

Important points:

  • Sid Hewison became famous on TikTok with a worldwide audience of 750,000
  • Also known as Sid Ventures, he has just embarked on a six month motorcycle tour of Australia
  • The outback tour guide wants to share his unique experiences with people during the COVID lockdown

Sid Hewison – known as Sid Ventures on the video sharing platform TikTok – has delighted viewers around the world with excerpts from Australia’s most remote and oldest landscapes.

His road to internet fame began a decade ago when he returned to Australia after living in Indonesia with no job, no money or no possessions.

“I looked on the internet for anything I would like,” he said.

“I saw a little job come up that said ‘Be a Tour Guide in Alice Springs’ and two weeks later I lived in Alice Springs, and 10 years later it’s still my number one passion.”

The pandemic prompted Mr. Hewison to jump on TikTok and introduce his day job to a global audience of more than 750,000 people.


TikTok users share videos that range from a few seconds to a minute to an ever-growing global audience, made up mostly of younger people.

“I joined about four months ago and now I have about three quarters of a million followers and about 60 percent of those are from the United States,” he said.

“Part of the inspiration behind this was basically getting the tours to the people I couldn’t reach or who couldn’t come to me. And I still wanted to be able to bring what I thought I was going to do could actually offer to the world.

“If you watch in lockdown, that’s the plan.”

Passion for South Australia

Eight of Mr. Hewison’s last 10 years have been in South Australia.

“I have to say, Arkaroola is one of the most special and beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure to work and live in,” he said.

“All over northern Flinders [Ranges], there is so much beauty and ruggedness and ancient aspects in the landscape and culture up there. I just can never get enough of it. “

About 60 percent of Mr. Hewison’s audience is from the United States.

Delivered: Sid Hewison


He has just embarked on a six month motorcycle tour of Australia.

“After gaining the traction I’ve gained over the past few months, I realized that if I plunged 100 percent into this online presence, I wasn’t going to lose too much.

“As soon as I saw that people were interested, I basically decided to do my own tour of Australia and film and document the whole thing.”

Try to make a living

Popular TikTok users can make a living from the platform in some parts of the world, but not yet in Australia.

“I have a lot of people who follow me who are very happy to throw a few dollars in until I can actually monetize the whole project myself,” said Hewison.

“That will be through advertising or sponsorship or something like that.”

A man leans over a fold-out table with cooking ingredients, in the background a four-wheel drive. Mr. Hewison says the job combines everything he’s passionate about – including cooking. (

Delivered: Sid Hewison


But Mr Hewison said viewers would not see any prominently placed cans of soft drinks or beer in his videos anytime soon.

“I’m generally against marketing and advertising … If I ever advertise a product, I’ll be 100 percent for it.”

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