TikTok on lacing method goes viral

A video on the popular TikTok social media app went viral after the user showed its followers how runners should use the “heel lock” method to tie their shoes. Many TikTok users were initially surprised: “Why are we only learning this now?” Asked one user. “You should be teaching this in physical education,” added another.

In the short clip, TikTok user (@sidneyraz) tells why all running shoes have an additional lace-up hole at the top. He describes it as a “heel lock” that is used to keep your foot secure and reduce the chance of blistering. Should all runners use this lacing method?

The professionals

Using the heel locking method can provide a secure grip by holding your heel firmly in place. This often protects against heel slippage and blisters caused by rubbing against the back of the shoe.

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The disadvantages

It’s difficult to use this method without tying your running shoes tight, which can cause problems like pressure or friction on the top of your foot. Runners who have highly arched feet or who have extensor tendonitis may want to avoid this lacing method as it can apply too much pressure and cause pain.

This method also requires that the shoe have longer laces; On many shoes, the laces are too short to function well.

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This is how you lace a heel lock

Step 1 – Create a loop with the tip by feeding it back through the last hole on top (the hole that is usually ignored).

Step 2 – Run the end of the lace over the front of your ankle to the loop you just created on the other side and then vice versa again.

Step 3 – Once both shoelaces have passed through the opposite loops, you can pull the shoelaces taut and tie your shoes as usual.

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