TikTok Now Lets Companies Promote Natural Posts

TikTok is introducing a new Promote option that makes it easy for business accounts to convert their organic posts into ads.

TikTok is finally ready to allow users to post boost. The new “Promote” feature was announced last week and, according to TikTok, it will be “easier, cheaper, more seamless and more fun” compared to traditional ads on other platforms.

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TikTok has been testing the feature with select profiles for the past few months and is now rolling out globally to help companies reach more people and grow their community with their TikTok videos.

With promotions, creators can convert any organic TikTok video into an ad right in the app. This can be helpful in reaching new audiences, building a fan base, and driving traffic to an external website.

The option, similar to Facebook’s Boost button, allows users to quickly and easily put together a simple advertising campaign.

It will be available to everyone through a new fire icon that will be added to videos – but it can also be accessed through TikTok’s Creator Tools menu or through the Business Suite.

To start promoting TikTok videos, users, creators, and managers need to select the video they want to promote, then set the campaign goal, budget, duration, and audience they want.

Approved promotional videos provide insights and statistics on their performance and reach.

TikTok advertising goals

In terms of campaign goals, TikTok gives advertisers the choice between more video views, more website visits, or more followers for the TikTok account.

When users select “More Website Visits” as a campaign target, they will be prompted to enter a website URL and select a CTA such as “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, or “Register”.

TikTok ad targeting options

In terms of targeting, you can choose either “Automatic”, i.e. TikTok shows the advertised clip to people who are likely to be interested, or “Custom”, which an advertiser can use to set the targeting specifics (gender, age, interests) .

The approval process for each requested advertisement takes into account, among other things, whether the video infringes music copyrights or not.

In general, videos created on trending are based on popular tracks and such clips will not be advertised.

To learn more about TikTok’s advertising policies, the platform has put together a dedicated page where YouTubers can learn everything from setting up videos to watching the campaign’s performance.

Sponsored clips appear in the “For You” feeds of the selected audiences and have a “Sponsored” label to inform users that the video has been boosted.

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