“TikTok Knowledge Man” Educates By way of Dazzling Visualizations

Flipping through pages of charts, graphs, and maps may sound like a boring job, but Michael DiBenigno brings numbers to life.

Using augmented reality (the same feature that spawned Pokemon Go), he creates virtual environments to represent vast amounts of information in meaningful ways, making it easier for people to absorb and engage on a deeper level.

What you need to know

  • Data visualization is an area where data is presented in a compelling way so that audiences can easily extract information from it.
  • Michael DiBenigno applies his company’s technology to his TikTok posts to help people understand complex problems.
  • His company’s customers include the United Nations General Assembly and the World Bank.

The eye-catching graphics prevail.

In just a few months he has around 90,000 subscribers on TikTok.

“We believe that more data will not change the world.” DiBenigno says. “But communication with data will be more effective.”

We asked him to create some North Carolina-specific 3D models. It helps highlight why the effects of the vaccine are not being felt immediately and which districts are hardest hit by the pandemic.

DiBenigno hopes to empower others to tell their own stories based on data. His company Flow Immersive has a number of free 3D environments that anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop can use to create their own videos.

He’s heard of people say his visualizations helped make decisions.

“People went out of their way to say thank you. It enabled me to talk to my own employers about canceling some personal company events,” says DiBenigno. “I have a feeling that if I only help in this tiny way, it’s all worth it.”

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