TikTok is obsessive about a hack that may purportedly make folks fall in love with you

Looking for a hack to start Hot Girl Summer? The secret is in the eyes – at least TikTok claims.

User Sophie-Rose Lloyd (@sophieroselloyd) shared a “psychological love-eye trick” that will supposedly aid your ability to make someone fall in love with you.

In a viral post, she demonstrated the triangular eye movement necessary to accomplish the trick. In a follow-up video, she made it clear that it is called the “love triangle” and that there are three steps.

Once you’re in one-on-one with your romantic goal, make sure that …

  1. Look at her left eye.

  2. Look at her mouth.

  3. Look at her right eye.

You need to make sure that you and your future lover already have a connection and common interests. The trick usually doesn’t work on strangers, Lloyd explained.

Commentators were excited to try the “psychology love-eye trick”.

“I’m about to make the world mine,” wrote one user.

“I do this to everyone just because it’s fun,” said another.

Others were skeptical.

“It helps if you are super pretty,” said one user.

“Are you all so desperate?” asked another.

A lot of research shows that eye contact can have an impact on whether or not people are attracted to you. The hack might not be magical, but it’s not too far-fetched.

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