TikTok is for everybody | The Baylor Lariat

By Clara Lincicome | reporter

This time last year I finally pulled the trigger, made my way to the App Store, hit the download button, and saw the TikTok icon feel at home on my screen. Can’t say the decision was something I was proud of at first as I made my account private and made sure my friends were the only ones scrolling over my sad attempt at dance trends. But my thinking has adjusted since last year as I’ve seen both myself and the app mature.

Here I am, a year and 154 followers later, ready to tell my truth: TikTok isn’t just dumb dances or lip-sync teenage girls. It has evolved into a space of creativity and inclusivity. TikTok really has something for everyone.

I wouldn’t consider myself an avid poster on TikTok, although my followers may say otherwise. I never went viral and I don’t have a lot of followers. Sure, the trends are fun to try and I have several TikTok sounds on my mind that invade my everyday vocabulary, but I think the real beauty of the app lies in following the correct accounts and variety in the types of Establish accounts you interact with.

Here are some general recommendations on who to follow on the app that I think everyone could benefit from.

For cheap but delicious recipes, Raunak Sunders account @collegechefron has delicious meals to prepare at home or in the dorms while staying on budget. From a Gordon Ramsay pork chops recipe to bacon mac-n-cheese to fried onion smash burgers that cost less than five dollars.

Former D1 volleyball player Victoria Garrick is now an advocate and speaker for mental health and body positivity. Her account fosters self-love and takes care of your physical and mental health as she shares her journey to recover from an eating disorder, be a college athlete, and navigate our culture that says you must find a specific path to be accepted. Following Garrick signs up for daily encouragement and confidence that we could all use a little more.

For some incredible photography and travel videos, I recommend Ethan Glanger, a Dallas-based filmmaker and photographer. His videos are adventurous and his filmmaking requires exceptional talent and skill. I am in awe of his contributions. Glanger’s videos make me want to go on an impromptu trip to the mountains or the beach with my friends, and with a month left in the semester, I might be able to do it. Glanger is definitely worth pursuing.

In addition to the following reviews that can actually help you become a better person, TikTok is also my main source of comedic relief. Maybe I’m just following the wrong people on other platforms, but no other social media app can even compare. As someone whose humor revolves around sarcasm, TikTok understands me better than anyone I know. It keeps making me laugh and encouraging me to try a new hobby, workout, or recipe, and I know that I can always count on it.

I love that TikTok has become a place where creators can express themselves creatively and immerse themselves headlong into their passions, with strangers from all over the world cheering them on. Being part of a creator’s journey to success or finding an account that shares a passion or hobby with you is unbeatable and definitely not limited to a single cookie cutter type.

I am confident that if everyone tried, they would believe the same thing to be true, that TikTok is for everyone.

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