TikTok influencer Sophia Begg pressured to defend McDonald’s act

A young influencer was forced to defend herself after surviving violent backlash for a charity drive designed to “raise awareness”.

A young model and TikTok influencer faced violent online backlash after filming her driving to McDonald’s and then delivering the order to a homeless shelter.

Sophia Begg shared a clip of the $ 322.50 takeaway bill on Saturday before taking the food to the Will2live homeless shelter.

The 17-year-old said she “killed two birds with one stone” because it was McHappy Day – which meant that 2 of each of the Big Macs she bought would be donated to sick children and their families.

“If you haven’t already, support the Ronald McDonald House and buy a Big Mac … greetings to Will2live who will be distributing this to the homeless,” she wrote.

But commentators jumped in on her case, accusing the teen of using the donation as a means to attract followers and asking why she hadn’t simply donated the money she’d spent on the food to the charity.

“In all honesty, you should have just donated the money directly to the Ronald McDonald House,” wrote one person.

“I’m not sure what giving burgers to the homeless would do.”

Another accused Sophia of “doing it for the punch” and asked why she would “document that and make a video of the award?”

She responded to the backlash in a second video on Sunday, calling the hatred she got for the generous act “unbelievable”.

“I literally can’t deal with people sometimes … The hatred I’ve gotten is ridiculous. Everyone says I should have just donated directly and it was a waste, ”she said in the clip.

“I ended up helping two charities at the same time by buying a Big Mac for McHappy Day and giving it to the homeless.”

She went on to talk about her past donations to the Ronald McDonald House and said she has been doing it “all the time” and “for years.”

“When I was younger, I donated and delivered food and milk to the house every week. I shaved my head on Channel 7 in 6th grade to raise money. And I sell all of my clothes and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House. I just think it’s ridiculous that I get hate.

“Also, a lot of people said, ‘Oh yeah, you only did that for TikTok, you did that for the content… Of course I could have donated directly, but the whole point in my head was using my platform to attract people consciously make McHappy Day.

“I thought it would be a waste of my platform not to share something that is so close to my heart … I just feel like I’ve gotten so much hate.”

When asked why she drove to a McDonald’s almost half an hour away, Sophia said it was because “the charity we gave them lived so far away.”

“We went to a Maccas who was closest to them [the burgers] weren’t cold, ”she added.

She thanked the 360,000 TikTok supporters who sent her friendly messages amid the backlash.

“People are unhappy, you did something wonderful and you should be proud,” wrote one person.

“She literally killed two birds with one stone by donating and giving back what it was about to the homeless,” said another.

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