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STEVENSVILLE – Going viral in this digital age is like a home run. Each like can lead to new likes in a spiral of adrenal feedback. Steve Bradford isn’t a 15 year old girl, so is the identity of many of these viral video trends. And although Bradford is slightly older than the typical demographic at 52, Bradford’s main focus is on TikTok – a social media platform for video sharing. One of his short videos now has over 9 million views.

TikTok, a Chinese company, accepts videos from 15 seconds to a minute and is an international phenomenon. In any language, it is generally powered by a cute girl smiling and taking a selfie. Celebrities like Gordon Ramsey and Will Smith use TikTok. So did the scientist Bill Nye. Humor is the lifeblood of a good TikTok. Buster Keaton, the king of the visual gag of silent cinema, would have mastered this medium.

“About two years ago I put the app on my phone and watched a number of videos. I finally did one. I started joking dad. I’d run to my wife and tease her and tell her a dad joke and she’d say, “Oh, that’s awful,” said Bradford.

His obsession with TikTok really increased last March when the pandemic hit and his two college-aged sons came home and were all cooped up together.

“There are people there who do makeup tutorials. There are girls who dance in bikinis and when my wife is at home I skip them, ”he joked.

“My friends would ask, what are you doing on TikTok, this is for 13 year old girls, but it has every age group. There’s everything from comedy to news to celebrities. There are some weird things that people go out of their way to make their videos go viral, ”he said.

After much trial and error, he had his Eureka moment – he made a TikTok that went viral.

It all starts with the voice of another man and a refrigerator door opening.

“Is it just me or does everyone have a cheese drawer just dedicated to cheese?” says the narrator.

Bradford saw this and how many likes it got and he liked it.

“I said I have to do something different. I left the cheese drawer, took everything off the top shelf, and lined up all of my blue rays and DVDs like a bookcase. I was kind of nonchalant. I didn’t go straight to the DVDs. I opened the cheese drawer. And everyone says, ‘What are you doing? Did you see what i saw ‘”, He said.

Just this slight change in the norm can be like a catnip in the TikTok world. Who would put DVDs and blue rays in the fridge? This question led to a lot of likes.

“The comments on TikTok only are 25,000. People say, “Did you see that?” That’s how I get messages every day, ”he said.

He made another video. Faux explains why it works when you keep your DVDs in the refrigerator.

“Keep your DVDs below 40 degrees and they’ll last longer. You play better. The sound and picture quality is better. Thousands of people asked why there are DVDs there. There were so many that I couldn’t keep up, ”he said.

“It was a joke,” he said. If you go on TikTok, you can find him under “CEO of Dad Jokes”.

“One of the big pages on Instagram shared it and it got about 3 million views. The big people who are celebrities have millions and millions of followers, ”he said.

So is there money to be made? People with millions of hits are called influencers.

“If you have up to 10,000 followers, you can join a so-called creator fund. I’ve been waiting to get into the fund because I was able to make some money just for fun. If the video goes viral, I’ll have one that has half a million followers. So I made some money, ”he said. So far, he’s been paid $ 400. “I have a little bit of money and a little bit of fame, no, I wouldn’t say fame because the people I work with are going to mess with me,” he said.

TikTok makes money selling ads. An ad will appear every time you open it.

He hasn’t quit his job yet. He is dispatcher for the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office.

It had 9,700,000 views and 15,000 followers. All of that excitement is about a nine and a half second video. There are 25,962 hours of people watching these nine and a half seconds.

“Every time I post one I say, ‘This one will be the one. ‘When you hit a trend with sound and music early on and you know what everyone is doing. Movies and TV, I like pop culture. When I’m on this stuff, it drives my wife crazy. But she’s used to it, ”he said.

“I have a lot of fun with it. I can have 10,000 people watch a video and don’t know any of them, ”he said.

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