TikTok Continues to Maintain its Place on the Prime of the Month-to-month App Obtain Chart

Despite user safety concerns and ongoing global tensions that could lead to growth implications for the Chinese app, TikTok remains hugely popular and again tops the global download charts on iOS and Android in May, according to the latest data from Sensor Tower.

The app has held the top spot in the download charts for months and continues to grow despite various regulatory concerns and the emergence of alternative tools and options.

As explained by Sensor Tower:

“Tick Tock was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in May 2021 with more than 80 million installs. The countries with the most TikTok installations came from Brazil with 16%, followed by Douyin in China with 12%. “

TikTok is therefore not included in this statistic in isolation, but also the Chinese version “Douyin”. Nevertheless, the app’s continued growth is impressive and underlines the increasing relevance of the platform, especially for younger users.

Even if you don’t like it or just don’t understand why it’s so popular, you need to be careful and consider its potential value in your marketing plan.

Even so, TikTok still faces various potential growth challenges, with the European Commission recently giving TikTok a month to respond to allegations that it poses a threat to minors and Italian authorities forcing the company to remove more than 500,000 accounts, because of concerns about the use of the app.

And this before you factor in the ongoing data monitoring concerns and TikTok’s possible connection with the Chinese government, as the app recently added new biometric data collection to its terms of use that could raise new alarm bells for some regulatory groups. The US has also introduced new restrictions on Chinese companies on the possible use of surveillance technology outside of China, and it remains possible that TikTok will eventually be caught up in this push.

In other words, despite TikTok’s popularity, there might still be bans or restrictions in place in some regions, with various researches still investigating the potential security risks of the app.

But for now, it remains an important platform that all brands should at least be aware of and monitor as it adds more business tools.

If you look at the other apps listed, Facebook still dominates the overall table with 4 of the top 10 apps in all categories, and there has been little movement overall since Sensor Tower’s last update. As such, TikTok is still the story to watch, and with the app expected to reach a billion users this year, the app is definitely worth paying more attention to.

View the latest Sensor Tower download charts here.

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