TikTok consumer share’s her mum’s extremely simple hack to take away stickers from gadgets

It’s one of life’s little annoyances – when you take your newly purchased item home with you and then spend half an hour removing the price sticker.

You know the exercise – take it away until your fingernail breaks, scratch it like it was the hidden box on a Scratch n Win ticket, and just manage to remove the edges.

But one TikTok user may have ended that frustration forever by sharing her mom’s ingenious and easy way to remove stickers.

The video has generated millions of views since it was released – proof that it’s a problem that many people can no longer grapple with.

“How did I not know about it? Did anyone else know? “Posted @Lexie_byers on TikTok.

“I have a life hack that will blow your mind.

Lexie Byers’ sticker removal hack has gone viral. Photo credit: TikTok / Lexie Byers

“Well, it blew me away.

“My mother taught me that a few days ago. Mothers know everything. “

Then she instructs her viewers, “Anything that has a sticker on it stops turning it off.

“Take some tape, take your piece, and stick half of it on the label and rub it so it’s really there.

“Make sure you leave some tail behind.

“Then you can wax it off. Then you can peel it off and do it all over again. “

Each sticker demonstrates the tech on a bunch of mugs she just bought and is clean and easy to remove.

The audience was thrilled.

“The number of hours I’ve spent going to war with these!” Wrote one person.

“You’ve probably saved billions in wasted time.”

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