TikTok Beats Fb in Time Spent Per Person

For the first time ever, users are spending more time on TikTok than Facebook, according to a new report on app usage.

App Annie reports that time spent on TikTok has increased 325% year over year, meaning Facebook is now better than Facebook in terms of hours per user per month.

Average Time Spent is available for almost every app in every market, but few are as much time as TikTok.

TikTok is in the top 5 by time spent, and its growth rate last year surpasses almost every other app analyzed in the report.

It is number 1 on the list of top breakout apps in 2020, ranking apps based on the growth in monthly active users over the past year. TikTok is well on its way to reaching 1.2 billion active users (MAU) by 2021.

On social media, the 1 billion MAU club is an elite group of apps made up of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and China’s WeChat. It’s no small matter that TikTok will secure a spot among these apps before the end of the year.

TikTok is in a league of its own in terms of revenue and number 2 in terms of consumer spending among non-gaming apps. While many social media apps monetize through ads, TikTok monetizes through ads and enables users to purchase digital goods.

Of course, TikTok’s exponential growth is one of the top social media trends to watch out for in 2021. But what else do marketers need to look out for?

Let’s take a look at other key highlights from the report.


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Report Highlights: State of Mobile in 2021

Mobile grows 3 years in 12 months

Mobile acceptance is said to have advanced by 2-3 years in the last 12 months. Mobile app downloads hit a new high of 218 billion in 2020, an increase of 7% over the previous year.

Americans spent 8% more time on their mobile devices than watching TV in 2020 – 4 hours a day on their mobile phones compared to 3.7 hours of watching TV.

Cellular growth supported the advertising industry in 2020 – it rose to $ 240 billion for mobile ad spend and is projected to reach $ 290 billion in 2021.

In the United States, mobile ad placements were up 95% year over year. Video ads have seen tremendous growth over the past year but have been outpaced by the growth of interstitial ads.

App Annie’s report shows growth across all categories of apps such as gaming, shopping, grocery delivery and subscription streaming services. But along with entertainment and commerce apps, the growth of business apps soared in 2020.


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Business application time spent 275% year over year and is expected to remain high as companies continue to offer remote work options.

Users see YouTube 4x more than Netflix

While there is more data in the report, the final stats I will leave you are in relation to the growth of YouTube.

YouTube is the top video streaming app by average time per user and not even close. YouTube sees more than 4x time per user compared to the closest app (Netflix).

TikTok beats Facebook in time spent per user

Users spend an average of 23 hours a month watching content on YouTube. By comparison, Netflix sees an average of 5.7 hours per user per month.


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As a marketer, content creator, advertiser, or publisher, audience engagement on YouTube cannot be ignored.

If you are looking to step up your content marketing efforts this year, you should pay more attention to YouTube and think about how it fits into your marketing mix.

Source: App Annie

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