TikTok acknowledges Minnesota physician’s influence on others, names her No. 1 on ‘most impactful creators’ checklist

She answers questions and publishes educational videos about medicine while sharing the experiences of frontline staff.

“This is something I like to do, that I like to do,” she said.

She is the chief medical officer of family medicine at the University of Minnesota and sees patients at the North Memorial Health Clinic. She said she did the videos on her lunch break or when she finished her long shift.

It’s a way to have a conversation with Generation Z.

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“I think reaching out to young people was really a must,” said Dr. Leslie. “They are curious, they want to learn. I think they are a really important group of people who can have the conversation related to COVID-19 relief and talk to their family members about how to be safe. “

She also wants to give a window into a doctor’s life and normalize the conversation with your doctor as a friend.

“You don’t have to worry or get nervous about going to the doctor,” said Dr. Leslie.

On its list, TikTok shared a video about the severity of the pandemic.

“I think people have a hard time knowing exactly what is going on in hospitals and clinics,” she said. “My goal with some of the TikTok videos I make is to tell my story and the experiences I had in the hospital, to see patients during this pandemic, and the toll it takes on me and everyone else Health care worker means. “

Dr. In this way, Leslie hopes to inspire people to practice social distancing, wear masks, and follow other guidelines.

It also tries to reduce the spread of medical misinformation by teaching followers how to judge sources and question what they see online.

“There is so much [misinformation] online now, ”she said. “A lot of it is very detailed and really makes people question a lot of the other information they hear.”

A year and a half after opening the account, she currently has around 847,000 followers and is reaching people all over the world.

“25 percent of my followers do not live in the United States,” said Dr. Leslie. “It’s really so cool about social media that you can learn from people around the world and develop strategies to improve your community.”

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